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Celebrate with us an unforgettable

Bachelorette party in Rome

Our gaming experience, thanks to its dynamism, its originality, and its ability to amaze the participants, has aroused the interest of many women and girls intent on organizing an unforgettable event in Rome in honor of the Bride!


An Adventure Bride

The friends of the bride are always ready to support her! In fact, you will be the one to give her courage: you will have to push her to solve the mission in the first person, talking to some strange character, or entering some mysterious place. And if she doesn't do it on her own, give her a little push!

Guaranteed fun!

Adventure, laughter and endless surprises. All the ingredients to bring the Bride to experience a unique emotion and to celebrate a crazy Hen Party among the streets and monumets of Rome!


Contact us!

For any information or to book your adventure, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available. If we cannot answer, we will write to you via Whatsapp chat.

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