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An unforgettable Team Building in Rome with live actors

Team building con attori a Roma

Surprise your colleagues with unique, fun and challenging adventures!

In addition to the outdoor gaming experience, Nevrosys Escape Room also offers a unique and original gaming activity that will take place in your office*. 


Yes, you understood correctly! Our actors will come to you and your office will become the headquarters of a task force established by the police commissioner to solve a case that has proven impossible. Nobody can get to the bottom of it... so it'll be up to you, the best detectives around.


You will have to divide yourself into teams, confront the inspector who collected the evidence, and at the end of the two hours present the solution to the case to the commissioner. In short, a real Escape Room at home!

The winning team will receive a nice promotion. The losers instead will be forced to direct traffic!

*Experience available for offices or apartments located in Rome and surrounding areas.


Up to 10 participants: € 200 Total 

Over 10 players: €10 more for each participant over 10

Contact us!

For any information or to book your adventure, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available. If we cannot respond, we will write to you via Whatsapp chat.

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