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Murder in Rome - City Escape


To participate in the experience, just call us and book your game session by choosing a day and time from those available. Once your booking is confirmed you will receive an email with all the instructions.

The departure point will be at the Repubblica metro stop. Once you get there, you will receive the first clue by email and you are ready to go! (The email will be sent to the person in the group who made the reservation).

Repubblica Metro Station


Unlike the classic Escape Room, the game will not take place inside a room, but between the streets and monuments of Rome. During the game you will interact with real characters who are part of the story and you will have to solve the case by spying and stalking suspects like real secret agents.

Moses Fountain in Rome


The experience lasts about two hours. The daily schedules are:

Morning: 10: 00; 13:00;

Afternoon: 16:00;

Evening: 19:00; 22:00.

Please note that during the day you can access some places that are not accessible in the evening. However, the development of the game is not affected and the experience in the night version enjoys a more suggestive atmosphere.

Castel Sant'Angelo


The cost of the experience varies according to the number of participants. Here is the price list:

2 players 40 euros per person;
3 players 30 euros per person;
4 players or more 25 euros per person.

Call us and book your experience! 

Tel. +39 3931522649

Contact us!

For any information or to book your adventure, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available. If we cannot answer, we will write to you via Whatsapp chat.

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