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Give an unforgettable birthday

Treasure hunt for children with live actors

Outdoor Escape Room at Villa Torlonia

THE MYSTERY OF THE VILLA - A highly interactive treasure hunt for children and families

Do you want to give your children a unique birthday party? Do you want to enjoy an engaging and stimulating gaming experience for the whole family?  


After the success of our CityEscape MURDER IN ROME, the gaming experience dedicated to younger investigators also arrives by popular demand.

● Live acting

● High level of participant involvement

● A complex plot to discover step by step

● Clues to be examined already in the days preceding the experience

● Unique places to explore, immersed in nature, and enclosed within the walls of the park of Villa Torlonia (Rome - V. Nomentana - piazza Bologna)

● Action and fun while playing

● Plot-related puzzles and rhyming riddles to solve by examining the most beautiful places in the park

Recommended age 6-11 years (but even adults can get involved!)

The starting point is at the main entrance of Villa Torlonia (Via Nomentana entrance). Once you get there you will have to look for the witness to a theft and question her. You will already have all the elements necessary to recognize it.

The experience will last approximately two hours.

Contact us if you want more information or if you want to book your experience

Playing Area: Villa Torlonia (Via Nomentana - Rome)

Info and reservations: 3931522649


Contact us!

For any information or to book your adventure, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available. If we cannot respond, we will write to you via Whatsapp chat.

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