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Escape Room outdoor in Rome - An incredible new entertainment

Updated: 3 days ago

A new incredible gaming experience in which you will be the protagonist of a movie.  Explore the places, meet che carachters, and complete the mission!
City Escape in Rome with Actors

About 10 years have now passed since the first Escape Room arrived in Italy and from that moment on we have witnessed a real boom. An exponential growth of the phenomenon has occurred especially in the capital which has seen these gaming rooms proliferate throughout its territory. In Rome there are now more than 200 Escape Rooms, all with different themes and original settings.

But not everyone is keeping up with the times. Despite the explosion of the phenomenon, many people still have no idea what an Escape Room is. So for those who are left behind here is a brief description: an Escape Room is a game room with puzzles and riddles in which the participants (generally 2 to 8 people) are "locked up". The players' aim is to find a way to exit the room within 60 minutes by solving all the puzzles.

To be able to "escape", participants will have to find keys or codes, open padlocks or locks, unlock secret passages, use the objects found in the right way, and so on. Each unlocked passage will lead them to find new clues that will serve to unlock a new puzzle, until they find the last key or code needed to open the door and exit. To understand better, it's like a treasure hunt that takes place inside a room whose aim is to find the exit.

However, it is necessary to specify that when we talk about "room" we are not necessarily referring to a single room with four walls. A "game room" can also be very large, can have several doors or secret passages that lead to other rooms, or even have a labyrinthine structure in which you risk getting lost. Furthermore, the time does not necessarily have to be 60 minutes. There are rooms that last up to 2 hours, there may be a division into teams and in many cases the number of players can be greater than 8.

In short, the advent of this new reality marked a watershed in the world of entertainment given that before them, gaming experiences for children were increasingly going in the direction of isolating the player, making him the slave of a digital console, or of a virtual reality sterile and with no outlet into external reality. With the advent of Escape Rooms, however, some typical dynamics of video games have been transferred into reality, at the same time encouraging sociality thanks to the need to collaborate with other participants within the room.

We can therefore say that the phenomenon has had a good response and continues to have a constant flow of customers over time, a clear sign that it is not a passing fad but a passion.

But what makes this phenomenon long-lasting? What makes all this possible is the fact that the Escape Room phenomenon is constantly evolving and continues to transform, merging with other entertainment realities.

In fact, even if the basic idea was to let the players solve the puzzles independently, possibly only having a few suggestions available from a game master (who generally observes the players thanks to cameras and sends suggestions from a direction) what happened in practice was to enrich the game with ever new ideas, starting with the inclusion of live actors who interacted with the participants.

In fact, many rooms feature moments of live acting in which the actors have the task of helping or hindering the participants, or in some cases, as in horror rooms, scaring them. In this case the Escape Rooms merged with the houses of horrors and real cinematic experiences were born in which the players became the protagonists of a film.

Today there is a new game mode that takes Escape Room to a new level. The gaming experience does not necessarily have to remain confined to a closed environment but can open up to the exploration of the places of a city and become even more realistic thanks to the encounter with suspicious characters to be identified in the streets. This is how City Escapes were born: Escape Rooms Outdoor "Open World" that allow participants to lose contact with reality and immerse themselves in a 360-degree engaging gaming experience.

Have you ever dreamed of taking on dangerous missions without being discovered? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stalk a suspect and discover his plans without being seen? What emotions would you feel if you had to collect evidence and solve puzzles among the streets and monuments of a city of art like real 007s?

Today all this is possible. With our City Escape MURDER IN ROME you will be the protagonists of a real adrenaline-filled, engaging and intellectually stimulating cinematic experience that will allow you to discover enchanting and little-known places in the Eternal City. Try our Escape Room outdoor in Rome, a new incredible entertainment!

So what do you think, are you ready for the mission?

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